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Welcome To Kennedy Animal Welfare Consultancy

For animal protection organisations

With over 20 years of experience in animal welfare Dr Mark Kennedy can help provide robust scientific evidence to support your campaigns, advocacy and policy.

When we are asking animal related industries, animal owners, politicians and legislators for change our arguments must be strong. The strongest arguments are those which are based upon evidence rather than opinion. Proposals for change based on scientific evidence are harder to dismiss than opinion because a proposal supported by scientific study becomes a matter of scientific fact. The use of factual evidence derived from strong science allows us to powerfully challenge counter arguments based on mere opinion, and helps us make a persuasive argument for change.

No matter how strong and justified your opinion on an animal welfare issue might be, key people and organisations require robust evidence to move for change. Dr Mark Kennedy will help you gather and present this evidence to help you achieve the change you desire.

For business

If your business involves animals in any way, whether you source products from animals, provide entertainment using animals or breed animals, animal welfare is an increasingly significant business risk. Consider the damage your business could face if a failure to protect the welfare of the animals you depend upon became a major national or global media story. Many businesses large and small (including household names) have experienced significant, even terminal, damage through such a scenario. With his 20 years of experience in animal welfare science and of working with and within campaigning animal protection organisations, Dr Mark Kennedy can help you address and manage this risk.

For individuals

Having over 20 years of experience in the scientific assessment of animal welfare in many species, Dr Kennedy can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the welfare of the animals you care for, and can provide evidence-based recommendations on preventative action to take now to prevent the possibility of welfare problems in the future. As an experienced animal behaviour scientist with a comprehensive understanding of the means by which animals learn and adapt to their surroundings (including other animals and people), Dr Kennedy can help you avoid the development of behaviour problems and address existing issues.

Equine reproduction

Dr Kennedy has considerable experience in equine reproductive behaviour and in the problems which arise due to conflict between natural equine behaviour and managed reproductive techniques. He has published extensively in the field, enjoyed a secondment sabbatical at two leading UK Thoroughbred stud farms, and has trained in equine semen collection and artificial insemination. He holds the Defra/RCVS approved Certificate of Competence in Equine Artificial Insemination having successfully completed the training course for equine artificial insemination technicians at Twemlows Stud Farm as well as the Stallion AI Services Ltd stallion semen collection course.

Dr Kennedy can help you develop horse breeding management systems (for both natural cover and AI) which will avoid the development of behaviour problems, safeguard the welfare of your horses and maximise reproductive efficiency without incurring expensive veterinary costs. He can help you address existing reproductive behaviour problems in stallions and mares, and can help train your stallions for both semen collection and natural cover. He can provide semen collection and artificial insemination services.

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